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What Is a Digital Marketing Persona?

In marketing, a buyer persona is a conceptual profile of a brand’s ideal customer. Businesses use this persona to develop a targeted marketing strategy, considering this hypothetical customer’s demographic, income, interests, and purchasing habits. 

A digital marketing persona is a way to hone your digital marketing efforts. The more you know about your potential customers, the better you become at communicating with them. But how do you create your own ideal digital marketing persona?

How to create a digital marketing persona

To create a persona, digital marketers must complete the following tasks:

  • Conduct market research: Find out who your customers are. You’ll want answers to practical questions like their age, location, and income level, but also their interests, aspirations, values, and routines.
  • Analyze website data: Discover where your website visitors are coming from, the keywords they use to find you, and how long they stay on your page. This will help you understand your buyer’s journey.
  • Look at customers’ relationship to your brand: What do your customers purchase from your company, and how often? Are they repeat customers or one-time visitors?

Putting this information together will reveal patterns that can help you create the profile of your target customer. Many companies give their persona a name to further humanize this ‘customer’ for digital marketers. You can distill the information into a short paragraph or create a resumé-style cheat sheet that lists all the relevant data.

Digital marketing persona example

Here’s an example of a digital marketing persona for a travel company. 

Danielle, age 45, nurse

  • Married with three children
  • Owns a house in the suburbs of Dublin, Ireland
  • Husband Dave works as an accountant
  • Finances can be tight, but they always save for one vacation a year
  • Busy lifestyle with late shifts at the hospital, caring for her children, and managing the household — she needs a break
  • Active on Facebook, where she gets the majority of her news
  • Values spending quality time with her family

With the persona of Danielle in mind, the travel company can focus its marketing efforts on showcasing affordable family vacations.

Digital marketing personas are an excellent way to ensure your campaigns are perfectly tailored to your customer base. Take some time to craft your ideal customer profile and watch your marketing efforts soar.

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