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Sam Miller

Owner and Director, ONLYCH1LD

Spencer Kehe

Executive Producer and Partner, ONLYCH1LD

ONLYCH1LD — a film production agency founded in 2010 with offices in San Francisco, Denver, and Paris. They work on various creative projects including commercials, corporate videos, and documentaries. Their clients include companies such as Microsoft, Levi's, Frito Lay, McDonald's, and SAP.

Their story

Scaling their film production company left business partners struggling to communicate effectively and find time to be creative

Sam Miller and Spencer Kehe's mission at ONLYCH1LD is to develop amazing content that helps clients creatively express who they are and elevate their brand. For the past six years, they've produced everything from 30-second commercials to branded online content, entertainment, and documentaries. Some of their clients include Microsoft, Levi's, NETGEAR, SAP, and McDonald's.

When the company started, things ran pretty smoothly. Projects were completed on time, communication was seamless, and clients were happy. As they expanded, opening offices in San Francisco, Denver, and Paris, logistics grew more and more difficult. "Figuring out how to run smoothly, give our clients the attention they deserve, while being so far apart at times was a centralized challenge for us," says Spencer Kehe, Executive Producer and Partner at ONLYCH1LD. "Phone calls alone just didn't work for us because nothing was recorded. We needed a tool to help us with that."

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I don't get excited about technology, I get excited about what it does. In this case, Wrike allows us to communicate better and be more productive.

Spencer Kehe,

Executive Producer and Partner at ONLYCH1LD

And with their scaling business, the founders were focused more on finances, admin work, and logistics, and less time for being creative. "It's very easy to get drawn into all the other work that needs to be done to scale a business," says Sam Miller, Owner and Director at ONLYCH1LD. "When 80% of your time is spent managing logistics, there's not enough time left to work on the things that made you successful in the first place." 

If you can find a tool that allows you to focus on your work and your relationship rather than the technology itself, it's really helpful and for us, Wrike does that.

Spencer Kehe

Executive Producer and Partner

Their victory

Wrike's simplicity has allowed the team to easily track communication, enhance visibility, and have more time to focus on creativity

They looked at several tools to help them centralize tasks, integrate communication, and provide more time to work on the job aspects they love. "We tried a few other project management software tools, and we just found that we would spend very little time using it and ultimately go back to our old ways of communication: using email and phone calls," says Kehe. "With Wrike, we both found that it's really intuitive and easy to work with. With all work discussions kept in a centralized tool, there are no barriers to entry. It allows us to be a lot more productive."

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By implementing Wrike, the ONLYCH1LD team has consolidated logistics for each client and project. Instead of trying to keep track of all the production mechanics in their head, they can structure everything in Wrike, so they know what needs to be done and by when. "During a production, I couldn't rely on myself to keep track of all the moving parts," says Miller. "Wrike has provided an empowering feature where I am able to get a macro view of a project, and then dive deeper and get a micro view if needed."

Their communication and visibility is enhanced since adopting a collaboration tool. Now that Kehe splits his time between San Francisco and Paris, he and Miller sometimes have nine time zones separating them. "Emails and phone calls don't feel like a natural form of communication back and forth in the way that we needed to be communicating," says Kehe. "Wrike breaks down that barrier and provides a little bit more of a connection between the two of us that we didn't have before we started using the product."

Their superpowers

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Daily To-Do Email Notifications

Wrike sends you an email once a day (or however often you'd like, according to your email preferences) sharing your agenda for that day. Miller says this feature helps him mentally put aside lower priority tasks and focus on what he needs to get done that day. "It's nice for me because I tend to get overwhelmed with too many moving parts," says Miller. "So it's nice to know, 'OK, these are the four things I need to focus on today.'"

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Project Comments 
& @Mentions

Anyone shared on a project can comment, and @mention others to share the project with them as well. This way, all communication associated with the project is archived in a single location. "This feature helps us keep clear on what we're talking about, by dividing each of our conversations according to the project," says Kehe. "It helps remind us what has already been shared and discussed so we are constantly moving forward and not in circles; and it honestly helps us keep track of all of our priorities."

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Document Attachments 
& Versioning

Documents and files can be attached to any project and task. When new versions of these attachments are ready, team members who are shared on the task can upload the latest version of the attachment so no one is scrambling through their email looking for the final version. This helps Kehe and Miller easily organize and quickly find documents associated with client projects.  

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