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Driving Efficiency: ELDO Energy Doubles Output by Maximizing Resources with Wrike

Driving Efficiency: ELDO Energy Doubles Output by Maximizing Resources with Wrike
Johannesburg, South Africa
Digital Utilities Management & Energy Technology
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Top Challenges
Resource constraints, Lack of team visibility, Unclear assignments, Misaligned operations
Why Wrike
A robust, scalable work management system that aligns team operations
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ELDO Energy is a dynamic energy technology and consulting company that delivers leading solutions and services to utilities, energy service providers, and end-users (commercial, industrial, retail, and residential) to address challenges around the generation, networks, supply, and consumption of energy. Specializing in smart metering software, ELDO is dedicated to providing premium, practical, and turnkey energy efficiency solutions and advanced meter infrastructure to the South African market. ELDO’s known for being the first token-less, prepaid energy company in South Africa and for conducting the biggest municipal rollout of 16,000 smart meters. Founded in 2013 by CEO Tim Ohlsen, ELDO is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, with additional offices in Cape Town, South Africa, and Melbourne, Australia.
faster deal cycle time
reduced project planning time

The Challenge

When Adam Griffin joined ELDO as Chief Operating Officer in 2018, he immediately realized the company was missing a robust work management system. Task requirements were unclear, project management ate up valuable resources, and staff weren’t accountable for their tasks. “We needed to get alignment in the business,” says Griffin, “There was a lot of wasted time and energy within the business around allocation of tasks and especially around responsibility and accountability.”

Griffin knew that in order to meet their company goals of acquiring new customers, expediting deployments, and expanding globally, ELDO needed a scalable platform that could automate their unique workflows and accelerate their operations. The company also needed to find a system that could enhance accountability, maximize resources, and increase clarity across the entire
organization — to better prioritize at-risk projects and improve team alignment.

The Solution

Already aware of Wrike, Griffin knew this was the versatile work management system that could help ELDO. But his teammates needed more convincing. “People were set on a product like Asana,” recalls Griffin, “but they didn’t realize that there’s a massive difference between task management and project management.” After demonstrating the business cases and efficiencies around how Wrike could benefit ELDO, Griffin got the buy-in he’d hoped for and became determined to properly execute the implementation. “We agreed on Wrike due to its incredible functionality,” the COO adds. 

More clarity & context across the organization

To ensure a successful Wrike rollout, ELDO partnered with Wrike’s Deployment team to clarify business objectives, confirm team responsibilities, and assess operational processes before going live. “Everyone needed to have a very clear idea of what we do and want to do as a business before we could try and overlay Wrike onto it,” explains Griffin. “We realized that our target operating model wasn’t good enough. Unless you understand what you’re doing as a business, you’re not going to have a successful implementation. Unless you start educating your staff, then you’re not going to get people on board.” This effective change management strategy gave ELDO an ideal foundation for Wrike, defined responsibilities and goals, and led to faster adoption of the software.

Once Wrike was rolled out to the ELDO team, they worked to bring that same level of clarity to their projects, workflows, and tasks. “We have over 300 steps, end to end for what we have to do, including interactions and dependencies with other steps,” notes Griffin. After mapping out a detailed hierarchy of spaces, folders, templates, and projects within the work management system, ELDO focused on adding more context within each task and assignment. “You need to have a lot of verbiage in how you write the task out and how you deliver the task or assign the task,” continues Griffin, “You can’t just say ‘Do this,’ because someone may not know what to do. So we continually refine the naming conventions or the descriptions of those tasks.” With more context for each task and an intuitive, organized folder structure, staff can be more independent and complete their assignments sooner.

“I definitely couldn’t live without Workflows and the ability to follow a task. Also the task descriptions. You can’t just have a task that says, ‘Do this job,’ without explaining and describing what it is.”

Increased staff accountability & resource allocation

Added clarity in assignments has empowered staff to work better and become more engaged in their work. “The amount of accountability that we have and the adherence to real deadlines has been tremendous,” boasts Griffin, “The amount of rework is minimized completely.” With a strong change management system and an intuitive platform like Wrike in place, “people understand how they need to work and what their tasks mean from a strategic level.” 

Wrike also enables ELDO’s project managers to have more visibility over their team and projects. “Wrike has given us an incredible amount of control and accountability, responsibility, and focus,” continues Griffin, “It allows my managers to understand what needs to be done on a daily basis, so we can identify roadblocks very quickly.” Right within Wrike, project managers can pinpoint which tasks need attention, interact with the task owner to resolve any issues, and then update the task status. Griffin adds that his managers find Dashboards, Timesheets, Reports, and Wrike Resource especially helpful in answering key questions like, “Who hasn't updated their task? Why haven't you updated your timesheet? What support do you need?” These visual and customizable reports help ELDO allocate and optimize their resources to yield the best performance possible from their staff.

Flexible digital workspace delivers smarter operations

Because of Wrike’s flexibility, ELDO can manage projects how they want and use their own unique criteria to assess project or task health. “Wrike allows you to manage by exception,” Griffin notes, “You could use Table view, the Kanban view, and the Board view to create different instances of how to manage various project criteria, such as time, scope, quality, and risk.” He adds that “by simply allowing you to create those dimensions in Wrike, you can start to see how your project health is flexing away from your planned configurations for that project.” Wrike can be customized to how each manager, team, and individual prefers to work, so they can focus on moving projects forward and working smarter.

Wrike is also flexible enough to function in a remote work environment, a crucial quality in today’s COVID world and for the ELDO team. “We were very nervous about how our company as an operational business was going to look during COVID,” stresses Griffin, “but Wrike has allowed us to completely transform our business into an incredible hybrid of a work-from-home, flexi-work environment.” And the ELDO managers tell Griffin how pleased they are with their new digital workspace, highlighting how easy it is to see what their teams are working on, when they are available, and what they still need to complete. “Wrike has been the backbone for us to have this COVID digital transformation. Using Wrike as a digital workspace has absolutely transformed our business,” affirms Griffin.

“Since we’ve gotten Wrike, we’ve moved from doing one to two new solutions, scope, and designs per week on the Sales side to doing four to five at a minimum.”


With Wrike, ELDO has doubled their output, tripled their number of concurrent deployments, reduced project planning time by 50%, and executed deal cycles three times faster. “It’s unbelievable what we’ve been able to achieve,” celebrates Griffin, “It’s a proud achievement for myself in my own career and personal life to have deployed something like Wrike.”

ELDO staff at every level have newfound clarity and context for their work, including a strong understanding of how their efforts contribute to ELDO’s overall goals and objectives. This alignment sparked employee engagement, streamlined operations, and expedited their deployments. Project managers are loving the variety and flexibility within the work management system, which empowers them to better allocate their resources across projects and identify roadblocks in whichever view fits their work style.

And since Wrike has made remote work so easy for ELDO, they’re considering permanent remote options. “Since the implementation of Wrike,” notes Griffin. “We’ve become so efficient in Wrike that we'll only have core operational staff coming into the office even after COVID. Our CEO recently said, ‘Guys, this is our new normal with everything in Wrike’.”

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