First of all, we're happy to let you know that this year brought us numerous new users! Some of them agreed to share their Wrike experience with us. As a result, we published quite a few new customer success stories, including interviews with:


We hope that we'll be able to publish a case study with you next year. Ready to share your story already? Contact us at [email protected], and we'll be happy to put it out. By the way, here's a very inspiring SlideShare case study presentation by one of our customers, SayitRight Marketing Solutions. We hope that this slide deck will push you to share your online collaboration and project management best practices with the world.


In 2009, we continued to lead the web-based project management space with our Intelligent Email EngineTM (smart email integration), which remains the most advanced among project management software solutions. Despite this fact, we never stop innovating in this and other areas. This year has been remarkable in terms of development achievements and new feature releases. Let us innumerate the most important of them:


  • new user management engine: allowed you to create your own cost-effective mix of user licenses in your account;
  • email-integrated task discussions: let you add comments to task by simply emailing them to Wrike, and  made Wrike's email integration even more robust and universal;
  • Outlook add-in: made it easy for you to synchronize your emails marked for follow-up and tasks in your Outlook and Wrike accounts;
  • WinMobile app: made Wrike's tasks accessible from your smart phone;
  • intraday tasks: allowed you to build a more precise schedule by creating tasks that start and are estimated to be completed on the same day;
  • recurring tasks: simplified scheduling of tasks that occur every day, week, month or year for you.


Wrike also was enhanced with 535 "small things," like handy shortcuts, version tracking for files, improvements in task management and daily to-do emails, as well as many other useful features that make you more productive in your day-to-day jobs.


The last, but definitely not least, we delivered Wrike Simple Projects, a productivity application for the My Yahoo! platform.


So the past year brought us a lot of exciting events that couldn't have happened without you. You, our valued customers, continuously inspired us to improve the service and make it an even better solution for your business productivity.


Now, what should you expect from Wrike in the year 2010? Even more amazing news, of course!


We're thrilled to share some of our development plans with you.  The beginning of the next year will be packed with new feature releases. We're currently working on delivering an iPhone app and Google Docs integration. Want even more? You'll get it! Our development roadmap also includes a new user interface, resource management, budgeting, microblogging, BlackBerry and G1 plug-ins and lots of other productivity and management features that will make your team even more efficient.


In addition, we plan to localize Wrike to more than 10 languages! This year, we released the Spanish version of our project management software. German and French versions are next on our list.


We'd like to underline here that our development plans change over time, as they greatly depend on your feedback and suggestions. Your opinion and requests are always welcome in the comments to this blog.


We wish you and your family a happy, safe and restful holiday season! Your success is our success, and we hope to continue to build our partnership throughout 2010 and the future.