Last Friday, Andrew Filev, Wrike CEO and development champion (he was Wrike's first developer, after all!), brought an "Hour of Code" to the people he spends time with every day — Wrike employees. Curious Wrikers joined Andrew to learn the basics of coding a computer game using's "Hour of Code" online program.

What is "Hour of Code"?

 As career opportunities in the field of engineering and software development continue to appear at a growing rate, the non-profit wants everyone, regardless of age, gender, or location, to have the chance to jump on board. "Hour of Code" is a week-long effort to bring the basic principles of engineering to children and adults of any age.

They teamed up with Computer Science Education Week and teachers from across the globe to bring the program to over 3 million students in just 5 days.

You can see more about their program in this video:

Why Wrike Joined the Movement

As Wrike's first developer and founding father, Andrew has been passionate about software engineering since he was only 6 years old. After reading about the "Hour of Code" program online, he offered to spend his lunch break teaching curious Wrikers a few basic software engineering principles in one of our bi-weekly "Lunch & Learn" education sessions.

Folks from the sales, marketing, and customer success team all joined Andrew in a BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) session of introductory coding, errors, and laughter. Keep an eye out for new features developed by our newest software engineers! ;)