Wrike was recently reviewed by FinancesOnline — a website that lists and discusses various accounting, CRM, and B2B software services in an effort to supply business owners with valuable information. Their software reviews assist decision makers going through the demanding process of finding the right tools for their organizations.

After an in-depth analysis of Wrike's strengths and unique features, FinancesOnline gave us five awards based on the value they saw in the software:

  1. The Verified Quality Seal highlights the software's quality and the reliability of the vendor.
  2. The Supreme Software Award was given for how the software is a true help to its customers.
  3. The Best Project Management Software award was for being a best-in-class software solution within the project management space.
  4. The Exceptional Customer Service award was given for the proactive support given to users, especially with initial setup and getting off the ground.
  5. Finally the Expert's Choice Award was given after extensive testing of Wrike's features and functionality by the website's panel of experts.

Thank you, FinancesOnline! We're very honored to receive these awards.

You can click here to read the full review on FinancesOnline.