With Wrike's new API 3.0, this example in this post is no longer possible; but don't worry, you can still connect Wrike and Zendesk via our Zapier integration.
If you have questions about the new API or connecting to Zendesk via Zapier, please reach out to us.

Improved collaboration for better ticket management

Most support tickets require syncing efforts of both the support and development teams. In Wrike, you can put one ticket into several folders so that developers can prioritize it on their to-do list with other tasks, and supporters will be automatically in the loop on all updates. You can quickly engage your marketing or UX team by sharing tasks with them as well; ensuring important feedback won’t fall through the cracks.

The result: You’ll have improved case resolution and customers will be blown away by your service!

prioritize support tickets in Wrike

Let’s get started!

As a first step, you need to add an email target for all new tickets as well as tickets that were changed. You also need a trigger that will send all data to [email protected]. If you want to send all tasks to a particular folder, simply use [email protected] as an email address, where 123 is the folder ID.

Then, install the API code that the ShopWorks team has kindly shared here. It’s possible to add several triggers for adding new tasks in Wrike, updating comments, and changing task status. All tasks will be automatically put in one folder; later you can move them to any folder you need.

Now, here comes the long-awaited innovative feature. A ticket in Zendesk automatically turns into a new task in Wrike, and all the new comments to it get added to the task’s Activity stream. And there’s more! Whenever your team changes a ticket status to Solved or Pending, it becomes Completed or Deferred in Wrike accordingly.

No good deed goes unnoticed. If you want to thank the ShopWorks team for sharing this fantastic code, tweet it out — and don’t forget to mention @shopworks_nl.

We hope this integration will save you time and help you stay on top of all important support issues! Your team can also feel free to contribute to the code published by ShopWorks, if they want to.