Sometimes you just need to get the opinions of other people really quickly. And as they say, "there's an app for that." Google Forms is one such tool that gives you a convenient way to create forms from scratch or from templates. Forms that you can use in your marketing efforts to understand your audience better, or simply to ask for employees' thoughts on a party venue. The uses are many, and we'll talk about a few creative ways you can use Google Forms templates to gather the instant feedback you need.

About Google Forms Templates

Google Forms has been around since February 2007 so it's no newcomer to the Google Docs family. With the latest updates to its software, Google Forms now allows you to customize the design of your forms, giving you the ability to add logos, videos, and even GIFs. You can also select from a huge library of pre-built Google Forms templates so you don't have to start from a blank page.

How to Create a Google Doc Form

It's really quite simple to build a Google Doc form. The starting point, as with all Google Docs, is Google Drive. Or you could begin with an existing spreadsheet that is set up to capture the responses to your form.

  • Head over to
  • In the upper section titled "Start a New Form," click any of the Google Forms templates you wish to use. If you get option paralysis, simply start with a blank form.

Different Office Uses for Google Forms Templates

And now on to the useful stuff. What can you use a Google Forms template for?

  1. Event Registrations: Creating a Google Doc form to tally attendance at an event is a simple enough use of this feature. Even better, try to keep the number of fields to a bare minimum since the lower the barrier to entry, the more responses you'll get.
    * Event registration template
  2. Opinion Surveys: The Google Doc survey template is probably the most used one in the library. With this, you can quickly ask an audience for their opinion on something. A couple examples include: gather feedback after an all-hands meeting, get opinions on where to have an event, ask for people's opinions on a menu item.
    * Event feedback form template
  3. Quizzes: For those in charge of HR or corporate training, using templates in Google Docs allows you to build quizzes to evaluate whether people understood a training session, or to assess if a program is successful.
    * Sample quiz template
  4. Work Requests/ Office Management: You could also use Google Forms as an easy way for employees to request stuff for the office or alert the right people to physical office issues — anything from reporting that snacks are low, or that air conditioning is broken.
    * Work request template
  5. Customer Feedback Form: Part of project management is managing the feedback that customers give you. A Google Form with a minimal number of fields can accomplish the job quite easily. You can even have the customer choose to identify whether the feedback is a feature request, a bug, or simply a question they want to ask.
    * Customer feedback template
  6. Issue Reporting: At the other end of the spectrum, one of the benefits of Google Docs is that it can be an anonymous way to send a report on unethical behavior going on in the workplace. This can be a whistleblowing tool for your company so that any HR issues are reported quickly and get to the right people.

Check out this New Google Forms Template tutorial on Youtube.

With any Google Forms template, creating a survey is as easy as choosing a pre-fabricated template and customizing it to your needs.

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