It’s addictively simple to use, and unites the initial task with your e-mail conversations.

Let’s say a colleague asks you to resolve an issue. He CCs this e-mail to [email protected]. Then, you comment on the situation by using “Reply to all.”

If you leave [email protected] among the recipients of the initial email, the task description will be updated in Wrike. If you add files and pictures to the e-mail response, they will be attached to the task as well. If you include third parties in the To/CC fields, the Wrike task will also be shared with them.

Now, when you decide to go back to the task in Wrike and work on it directly, you will see its updated state and waste no more time trying to recall what you previously discussed with your colleauges. 

Stay tuned! Later, we'll be applying these rules to replying to email notifications.

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