Email integration

Create a task via email

Wrike’s patented e-mail integration engine helps you easily keep track of every e-mail sent about a project to your team members. You’ll never need to write separate e-mails asking for a status update anymore, nor will your team ever miss an action item in their cluttered inboxes!

Next time you want to assign a task to a teammate, simply create a new e-mail or forward an existing email to the colleague and add to the “To” field. Once Wrike receives the e-mail, it automatically creates a new task and assigns it to the e-mail recipient.

Please follow these guidelines to set this up:

  • Add to “To” or “CC” field and include email address of the assignee or assignees in “To” field If you leave as the only recipient, the task will be assigned to you. In case you want to keep the task unassigned, put in the “BCC:” field as the only recipient.
  • To share this task with certain team members, add their email addresses to “CC” field (this is optional) 2.
  • Change the subject to indicate:
    – the folder/subfolder where the task should be created (optional),
    title of the task, and
    start and/or due dates (optional).

Then the final subject line should look like this: [folder title] task title [start date - due date] 3. The start date and due date formats for the current year are [MM/DD-MM/DD] (or DD/MM if you set another date format in your account).

  • add your message and attachments, when applicable 4
  • and… send!


Before sending emails to Wrike, it is important to check email integration parameters and email addresses in your profile settings. If no account is chosen under “Create tasks in account”, you will not be able to create new tasks via email.

Create task via email

If you frequently email tasks to the same folder, you can add its unique email address to your contact book and do not mention the folder title in the subject line. To find the address for a chosen folder, go to the “Folder info” 1 and click on “Permalink” 2.

Folder permalink

Once you get into the habit of sending important action items to Wrike, you’ll instantly experience the improved productivity. First of all, all your tasks will be kept in a single place that’s shared with your team, so nothing will fall through the cracks. Second, Wrike sends reminders about the tasks with deadlines and automatic notifications whenever a task is changed, so you can keep your fingers on the pulse of your projects effortlessly.

Wrike’s e-mail integration provides you with multiple opportunities that are not limited to creating tasks. For your convenience, we’ve created a cheat sheet that helps you easily master all the nuances of the e-mail integration.

Are you a devoted Outlook or Apple Mail user? Especially for you, we developed Outlook and Apple Mail addins that allow you to work with interactive, real-time Wrike tasks right in your inbox.

Email integration advanced tips:

  • To create a task in a specific folder, add the folder name in square brackets to the subject line.
    If the folder exists in your Wrike workspace and is shared with someone, the task will be shared with these people as well. They will receive an email notification about the newly created task.
    If the folder does not yet exist, Wrike will create it under “My Folders” and put the task in the newly created folder. Unlike the newly created task, the newly created folder is not automatically shared with the email recipients. If you do not specify the folder title, the task will be created in the root folder.
  • To email a task into a subfolder, you can email a task just like you would email it to folder. If you have several subfolders with the same name, provide the folder path to put the task in the right place. For the full folder path, indicate the parent folders, separating them with slashes.

Email a task into a subfolder

  • To email a task into several folders, put the folders’ titles in square brackets in the subject line of your email and separate them from each other with a comma.

Email a task into several folders

  • If you do not want Wrike to share the task with the recipients, put in the email’s “BCC” field.
  • When you need to schedule a task for another year, you can explicitly indicate it in the subject line: [MM/DD/YY-MM/DD/YY] or [MM/DD/YYYY].
  • To create a milestone task, specify the due date only: [MM/DD]. If you indicate no due date in the email subject, the task will be processed according to your profile settings and set either as backlogged or planned for today. To check your current settings, please go to “View Profile” page in the account management.

Change email settings

If you choose to create backlogged tasks by default, you can still create one-day tasks by adding today’s date to the email subject. If you choose to create one-day tasks by default, you can add backlogged tasks via email by adding [backlogged] in the subject line.

Update a task via email

You can easily update the task parameters, mark it as complete and/or post a comment to a task via email. Wrike’s Intelligent Email Engine™ cuts out signatures and repeating text and adds only your message as a comment.

Email a comment to an existing task

There are several ways to send a comment to an existing task:

  1. If you received any notification emails about this task, just reply to the notification email and keep among the recipients.
  2. In case there is an email you would like to forward to a task and add its contents to a task’s comments, send it to and put Re: [Folder Name] Task Name in the subject line of the email 1. Once Wrike receives an email that contains Re: in the subject line, it searches for the specified task title in the specified folder and adds your comment from the email body to the activity stream of the task. If the task has already been moved to another folder, the system searches for the specified task in your entire workspace. If the folder was not specified in the email, Wrike searches for the task only in outside of the folders. If several tasks with the same name are found within the specified folder, you will get an email about this conflict.
  3. The other way to add a comment to existing task is simply send an email to the task’s unique email address 2 and then you do not need to care about the subject line of the email.

Comment on a task via email

Change the task importance

Wrike gives the task the same importance as the priority of the email, so you can simply change the priority of your email to update the task’s importance.

Change task importance via email

Add attachments via email

Attach files and images to your email and they will appear in the list of files attached to the task in Wrike.

Attach files via email

Reschedule a task via email

Make sure your email contains RE: in the subject line. To reschedule a task, specify the start date and due date in the subject of the email in the following format: [MM/DD-MM/DD] (or DD/MM if you set another date format in your account).

Reschedule task via email

Reassign a task

To reassign a task via email, include the new assignee’s email address in the “To:” line and add FW: in the subject line.

Reassign a task via email

Mark the task as completed

Indicate the desired status of the task in the subject line of your email – add the proper tag in the square brackets to update the task status: [completed], [active], [deferred] or [cancelled].

Complete task via email