Every manager has their own style of doing things — from the way they coach and mentor their team members to how they run meetings, from the tone of voice they use in their emails to the level of detail they expect in your reports. Instead of asking WHY one leader is so different from another, it may be better to ask WHAT leadership style they use primarily. The answer may lead you to a better understanding of where your boss is coming from, and what you can do, as a direct report, to deal with his or her leadership style.

Below is an infographic explaining the five most general leadership styles, each with a famous leader known for that style, and each one listing strengths and weaknesses. Once you figure out which style your manager uses, it just might make it easier to improve your working relationship with him or her.

Source: TopManagementDegrees.com

Which Leadership Style is Right For You?

If you're a manager, and trying to figure out which style suits your situation best, check out our infographic on which leadership style is right for you.

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