You can manage multiple projects in one place. “One place” means only one account. You create an account and organize ALL of your plans there.

Unlike other tools, Wrike provides you uniquely convenient way to achieve total information awareness on all projects. In other words, you can share any part of your project plans with the appropriate associates, then manage them in one workspace simultaneously. At the same time, you can safely keep one client's information secure from another client, one project information secure from other project participants.

You can log in to your Wrike account and check the sales pipeline shared with your sales team, reschedule marketing plans shared with your marketing managers, examine clients’ projects. Each of them is shared with the appropriate list of people.

This saves you a tremendous amount of time on planning, organizing and monitoring your projects. Unlike other software tools, Wrike doesn’t have boundaries that prevent people with different accounts from collaborating with each other. Thus, you can easily manage different projects and share project parts with your associates when necessary.

Other benefits: boundless collaboration, email-friendliness, timeline (Gantt chart), unique flexibility, data security; time tracking and tasks dependancies in our roadmap.