One of the handiest things in Wrike is the ability to put one task in several folders. It lets you have different views of the same piece of work and easily adapt Wrike to any workflow. What if you need to have a look at the tasks tagged with two folders at the same time? For example, “Booklets” and “Approved” to see the booklet mock-ups that are ready to print. First, choose one of the folders, say, Booklets, in the list (1). Then type the second folder’s name into the search field in the following format: folder: name. In our example, this would be folder: approved (2). That’s it! You’ll see the list of tasks that are included in both folders simultaneously.

More search tricks

The list that you’ve got looks too long? No problem, you can quickly sift out milestones, unassigned tasks or tasks that include a particular word in title, description or comments. To learn all the options, check out the full list of advanced search commands! More small, handy tips are coming soon to enhance your day-to-day user experience. Stay up-to-date!