The New Chrome Extension: Integrate Wrike with Any Webtool

Find a great candidate on LinkedIn or the perfect location for your new office? Forget about copying URLs or sending another email to colleagues. With just one click on Wrike's new Chrome extension, you can create a new task from any webpage, assign it to your teammates, and work together on the follow-up steps so you'll never lose track of great ideas.

The best part: integration works both ways. That means the next time you visit a website, the Chrome extension automatically displays an Active Task Notification so you can quickly check up on the tasks you have associated with that page. The Wrike Chrome Extension saves you time and effort on keeping all your ideas, contacts, tasks, and discussions together.

Watch our short video and see how the new extension enables you to pull in information from the web to keep projects and tasks moving forward: 

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The Chrome extension is a quick and easy way to connect all your websites and tools into one hub, and it can save you time in countless ways. Here's how it can make life simpler for all kinds of teams:

    • Creatives: Make new tasks directly from a cool webpage to capture inspiration, add a screenshot for reference, or capture and share Google Analytics graphs with your team. Then track versions, discuss changes, preview images, and collaborate on text in real time — all from one spot.
    • Sales: Create new tasks right from Salesforce or your CRM tool of choice, then share the contact info and lead status. Executives, Finance, and other colleagues can get a complete picture of a lead's status without opening your CRM system. Plus, any time you visit a prospect's website, the Chrome extension will show you exactly what work is already being done with that company.
    • Recruiters: Start a new task for a prospect right from their LinkedIn page and tag it with the appropriate job opening. Next time you view the same LinkedIn profile, the Wrike extension will show the task linked to this page with the person's up-to-date status in the hiring process. No need to manually search for the task in Wrike, request an update, or accidentally create duplicate tasks for the same recruit.
    • Developers: Turn your GitHub issues into Wrike tasks to prioritize them along with all of your team's assignments. You'll always know which bug to tackle next and have an up-to-date picture of your project's progress.
    • Customer Service: Turn your pending tickets into tasks and make bug-tracking across teams easier. Developers can discuss, update, and mark the ticket tasks complete, so you can report progress to customers without waiting for status reports.
    • Admins: Update and create tasks right from the websites you use every day, like Kayak, Google Shopping Express, Amazon, etc. Wrike makes it easy to discuss details with the whole team when it comes to office organization or the next corporate event.
  • Everyone: Quickly turn your Google Drive files into tasks, then share and edit them with the rest of your team. Never let the document links get lost in the depths of your inbox again. Share articles with peers or add screenshots to tasks for easy reference and inspiration — all from your browser toolbar.
Use Wrike's Chrome Extension to turn any page into a task

How to Use the Extension: First, download the extension from the Google Chrome Web Store. Once installed, just click on the Wrike checkmark on your browser toolbar. A dropdown menu will appear where you can:

  1. Create a task and name it
  2. Add the task to any of your folders
  3. Assign the task
  4. Specify a due date, or clear due dates to set the task as backlogged
  5. Add details to the task description
  6. Take a screenshot of the webpage by clicking the camera icon if needed

Now when inspiration hits, your to-do list is just a click away. It's easier than ever to gather reference materials for a task, take notes on interesting articles, or simply collect new ideas. Download the extension from the Chrome Web Store and let us know what you think!

Note: You must be signed in to your Chrome browser with your Google account in order to use this extension.

Note 2: Some web tools don't have unique URLs for specific items, in which case Wrike's Chrome extension will only work one way: it will turn the webpage into a new task, but it can't track or notify you of active tasks associated with each page.

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