It's not often that the fastest way is also the best way, but thanks to Eric Verzuh, project managers can have the best of both worlds. Bestseller The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management pulls ideas from one of the masters in project management to deliver a comprehensive guide to succeeding in the industry — at top speed.

Summary and Book Review of The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management

Effective project management is essential in today's competitive business world. Taking project management courses simply isn't enough—company leaders must stay on top of the best methods and know how to successfully apply those tactics in practice, which is why project management teams need this book in their library.

Now on its fifth edition, Verzuh's book provides up-to-date information on change management best practices, real-life examples and case studies, plus details on current trends. It also offers guidance on how to engage stakeholders and apply Agile management techniques to your projects. Those looking to earn project management certification can benefit from this read, as the book gives ample preparation tips for PMI's Project Management Professional exam.

And who better to give this advice than Eric Verzuh, who is recognized at an international level for his knowledge in the field of project management. In fact, he founded The Versatile Company in 1999, which offers project management training and consulting services.

Key Takeaways from The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management

What makes this bestseller one of the best books on project management is Verzuh's ability to back his theories up with practical advice. Whether through a case study or example, the book gives readers all the necessary information and tools to take these techniques back to the workplace. Here are just a few of the takeaways we uncovered in our book review:

  • A strong start is key: According to The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management, you must engage stakeholders early on and ensure they agree on the goals, scope, and direction of the project. This is where you tell the other parties what's in it for them. Once you've earned their commitment, explain what contributions they need to make in order for the project to be successful.
  • Set a realistic schedule: Rushing through a project management plan won't lead to optimal success. Eric Verzuh emphasizes the importance of allowing for enough time in your project schedule to ensure you meet deadlines, which gives those involved more opportunities to identify the ideal solution for meeting goals.
  • Be prepared for change management: The fifth edition of this book focuses more closely on change management. Leveraging this strategy is vital considering the project management landscape is always shifting. Make change less threatening by turning it into a familiar topic, talking about transitions openly and frequently.
  • Focus on Agile management: Another key update in the latest edition of The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management is its emphasis on Agile management. As the name suggests, this tactic is all about being flexible, but leveraging elasticity in project management isn't always easy. Teams can follow the four pillars of Wrike's Agile Marketing Manifesto: Ongoing customer focus, collaboration and communication, intentional processes and continuous improvement, and a result-oriented approach.

Don't take our book review's word for it. Pick up a copy of The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management for yourself!

Author Eric Verzuh talks about project management in general, and his book in particular.