Collaborate 2022 is ready for takeoff. We’re prepared to explore how companies are experiencing greater productivity and finding the freedom to focus on their most meaningful work. Through the lens of product experts and team managers from companies around the world, Collaborate attendees will enjoy an incredible mix of hands-on product sessions and customer-led stories that show how teams are rising above work complexities to do their most purposeful work together.

An insider’s perspective from Nickelodeon’s Jeff Hartlieb

Collaborate 2021 featured an incredible speaker lineup, including representatives from Texas A&M University, CHOMPS, and Ottawa Hospital Foundation. This year’s annual conference promises to be packed with even more big-name guests and dynamic presentations — but don’t just take our word for it.

For an insider’s perspective on Collaborate, we talked with Jeff Hartlieb from Nickelodeon to get his top four takeaways on the value of the event: 

  1. What has struck me the most about the vibe at Collaborate is the spirit of camaraderie and collaboration. Attendees — whether in-person or virtual — truly are interested in sharing how they have solved their challenges using Wrike. Wrikers don’t hold anything close to their chest when sharing how their teams work and how they have customized Wrike to achieve their goals.
  2. The Wrike How-To sessions and workshops are particularly effective and engaging. After having attended lots of conferences and user groups over the years, I can attest that the sessions at Collaborate are designed to answer the most important questions and be hands-on and effective at solving problems for the attendees.
  3. Collaborate is a great environment that brings timely topics out in the open and shares what we’re going through to learn how others are handling their situations. During one particular session from a previous year, the Nickelodeon team presented our transition from a traditional method of managing a design studio into an hybrid Agile methodology, using Wrike as our review and approval backbone. After the session, we ended up having many breakout meetings with other Wrikers facing similar transitions. 
  4. Attendees have the great opportunity to ask questions not only of other users, but also of key team leaders and programmers at Wrike — in many cases, solving complex challenges right at the conference.

Up-level your work management at Collaborate

Collaborate 2022 will explore all the big topics and ideas around collaborative work management in a hybrid world with:

  • An opening keynote from Andrew Filev, CEO of Wrike, and a product walkthrough and roadmap keynote from Alexey Korotich, Vice President of Product at Wrike
  • Exclusive customer presentations regarding their experience with Wrike and how to establish value and achieve success through a work management platform
  • Priceless, on-demand breakout educational sessions on how teams across a variety of industries are making the most out Wrike and the latest trends in the future of work management
  • ...and much more!

On top of all that, we promise you a best-in-class virtual conference experience, including virtual booths, spot prizes, entertainment, and more.

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