This is certainly the news no one will fail to notice! Combining power and elegance, we have redesigned Wrike project management software to make it amazingly fast, yet unbelievably convenient. Whether you are running dozens, hundreds or even thousands of tasks and projects, you can manage them all in a few mouse clicks. Check out this video that will walk you through the highlights of the new interface:

To test-drive the redesigned Wrike, follow this link.

Wrike is the only project management tool that allows you to view your work as a combination of task lists, backlog, spreadsheet, online Gantt charts and activity stream, all in one app. Just click on these new stylish icons at the top of the screen to switch between different views on your work and enjoy all the wide array of options in navigating your projects.

To make your work in Wrike even faster and more convenient, we also added some extremely useful features that will skyrocket your productivity:

Stay tuned and learn all the details about these fantastic new features in our upcoming posts.

Some of the updates in the new user interface were inspired by customer suggestions, so thanks a lot to all of you for your valuable feedback! Our customers who were the first to notice Wrike's slick new look have already shared their impressions with us today. "Wrike's speed and flexibility set it apart from any other project management solution I've ever seen," says Timothy Seward from ROI Revolution.

All this is just a click away! Check out the new Wrike and let us know what you think.