Welcome back to the weekly Work Management Roundup where we collect and curate the week’s best reads in work and management. This week, we talk a lot about productivity. We lead off with an article on Beijing's workaholic startups and continue with discussions on busy work vs. productive work, and why we need new ways to measure the productivity of our workers. Read on for more! After Three Weeks in China, it's Clear Beijing is Silicon Valley's Only True Competitor (Recode): This article goes in-depth on six lessons we can learn from the innovative, up-and-coming startups in China. One unforgettable tidbit: the work hours in Beijing startups are so crazy that meetings can be scheduled at midnight, and the work culture is called 9/9/6, which is short for 9AM to 9PM, 6 days a week; which means zero work-life balance. In contrast, the unlimited PTO, pingpong tables, and catered lunches of Silicon Valley seem downright luxuriant. Leaders Need to Make Employees Less Busy and More Productive (Forbes): An interview with Wrike CEO Andrew Filev on how instead of cloud apps turning us into productive superheroes, the result has been we're now overwhelmed with so much busy work, there is little energy left to create actual value for the company. This is changing though. Technology and a lot of automation will catch up so that much of the routine/busy work can be entrusted to work tools and employees are freed up to solve real problems. 5 Strategies for Forming Team Productivity Habits (Wrike): Download our eBook that outlines five concrete strategies for building a high-performance team, one habit at a time. Smartphone Users Overloaded With Apps They Don’t Use (Report) (AdWeek): Here's one possible reason why we end up so overwhelmed with busy work: we have way too many apps we don't use! According to a report by mobile app developer Delvv, more than 65% of their 500 respondents have 25 apps or fewer. But more than 95% of them use fewer than 25 apps on a daily basis. The Ways We Measure Employee Productivity Aren’t Working. Here’s Why… (Todoist): The tricky thing with productivity is: how do you measure it? Especially with the type of nebulous knowledge work that you so often see in startups. Back in the industrial age, it was easier to just count the widgets assembled on a factory production line. But today? Figuring out input is complicated. Workers are your means of production. There simply is no one-size-fits-all method of measurement. But the article does give some innovative solutions.

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