Agile is everywhere. It’s more than a software development method — it’s become an ideology. What started as an approach to managing single projects is now a set of guiding principles for cutting-edge businesses.

An Agile business doesn’t just endure change, it embraces change as an integral part of its business strategy. And in doing so, it can instantly take advantage of new opportunities and capitalize on sudden trends.

So what are the benefits of Agile? This infographic covers the top reasons businesses adopt Agile strategies, the most common obstacles and concerns, and the biggest benefits.

The Agile Enterprise

  • 37% of survey respondents say they chose Agile to accelerate time to market.
  • 36% cite the ability to adapt to changing priorities as the main reason they went Agile.
  • 27% adopted Agile in order to increase productivity.
  • Top barrier to Agile adoption is an unwillingness to change organizational structure.
  • 66% of businesses say Agile increases their velocity and helps them complete projects faster than before.

Check out the infographic for additional details, including the average size of companies using Agile, common concerns, Agile management and business strategies, and more.

The Agile Business Wrike Curated Infographic
Source: Gist

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