Set Hours in Task Duration | Blog Wrike

Besides project discussions, another feature often asked for by many of our users--estimation of task duration in hours--is now live in Wrike project management platform.

To help you build a more precise schedule, we’ve added the ability to set task duration to minutes (1).

Examples of valid entries in the duration field: "2h 30 m", "5d", "3h",  "15m". In other words, you can use the following format to set tasks’ duration: "3d 4h 5m". The task duration feature allows you to enter the correct number of days, hours and minutes or to remove unnecessary parameters.

If you enter a fractional number of days, like "0.5d" Wrike will turn it into "4h" to represent half of the working day. If you enter a fractional number of hours or minutes, Wrike will round it to the nearest whole number.

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