A lot of us aren’t morning people. 

After years of failed morning routines and endless snoozed alarms, it’s time to break the guilt cycle and embrace your body’s circadian rhythm for what it is. 

We’re naturally attuned to different wake and sleep patterns. Being up early is less important than getting enough sleep, around seven to nine hours per night. Our nighttime dozing impacts everything from our mental capacity and functioning to overall health. So it doesn’t matter when you’re sleeping or waking, just that you’re sleeping enough. 

In terms of your workday, sleep impacts productivity. The more rest you get, the more awake, energized, and productive you are. It’s as simple as that. We’ve gathered some essential reminders and crucial stats about how sleep can positively affect the way we work. 

Why not try planning a sleep schedule that works for you, incorporate some best practices, and catch up on some quality zzz’s.

Don’t Worry About When You Sleep, Just Get Enough of It (Infographic) 2