Andrew Filev has been actively involved in the tech world for a majority of his life. At 17, he started his own software consultancy company. Today, he owns a successful SaaS software company. He sits on the advisory board for multiple companies. He spends a lot of time talking to our customers, and as a result, continues to gain insight into the minds of consumers.

With his diverse background in mind, CloudScoops podcast interviewed Andrew to spend 20 minutes discussing the changes he has seen in the way business works, and share what he thinks is most important for today's companies to be successful.

Here's a quick preview into some of the questions they discuss:

  • Where does business stand today?
  • How has the environment of business changed?
  • What are today's top businesses doing right?
  • How can you catch up?
  • Is Agile the best option for today's business?
  • and more!

Podcast Interview with the CEO: Optimized Collaboration in a Fast-Paced World




Tune into the full podcast episode to hear Andrew's thoughts and responses to these questions. Only 20 minutes, safe for work: Optimized Collaboration in a Fast-Paced Business Environment