I recently interviewed Peter Taylor, also known as “The Lazy Project Manager" as part of the Wrike Thought Leadership Series. If you don’t know Peter, he’s the author of 9 books, including a new one, Real Project Management. He’s also a prolific speaker who’s delivered over 200 presentations in more than 25 countries.
With over 25 years of project management experience, he offers a wealth of knowledge for both veteran and new project managers. In the following interview you'll learn about:
  • The Fourth Phase of Project Management and the dangers for companies that don’t clearly link project management success to company strategy
  • Why orphan and stray projects can be costly to organizations
  • What has recently changed about project management and the implications for today's project managers
  • Whether project managers are better (or worse) than they used to be and what bad habits Peter sees in the industry
  • Whether PMs should be industry-focused or generalists (and how that impacts their training)
  • The new definition of project success — and how it's changed over time
  • How interest in Agile Project Management has impacted the field
  • The different roles of the PMO and how they help companies and organizations stay on track
  • How to effectively manage virtual teams, including several tips for managing cross-cultural teams
Click 'play' to get all the details, straight from Peter Taylor himself:  

What were your biggest takeaways?
What did you learn from the interview? 
What additional questions do you want to ask Peter?
Where do you see the future of project management heading? 

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