In today’s fast-paced work environment it has never been more critical for teams to communicate effectively and visually. In fact, the project schedule is one area that needs visibility not just with your own team, but also with stakeholders and teams working with you on cross-functional projects.

While sharing your detailed Gantt charts may be beneficial for your immediate team, what happens when you need to customize your project schedule for the executives who prefer a high-level view instead of a view including every last task in your massive project?

This is why you need a timeline maker online. And today, we're announcing Wrike's integration with Office Timeline.

Office Timeline's Interactive Timeline Maker

Office Timeline is a PowerPoint timeline maker that transforms Wrike projects and tasks into beautiful Gantt charts — giving you clean and compelling visual representations of your project plans in Wrike.

Office Timeline is a plug-in that works directly inside of Microsoft PowerPoint. While in PowerPoint, you can use the Wrike import wizard to import all (or portions) of your project plan and instantly create a timeline or Gantt chart slide. The project details are imported in just a few clicks, and our online timeline maker generates an elegant project visual that you can use in your next presentation. Because the timeline is built within PowerPoint, colleagues and teams can easily edit, share, and update the slide.

How to Get the Timeline Maker

Here's how to make use of the Wrike + Office Timeline integration:

  • Office Timeline runs on Windows. Mac users will have to run a Windows virtual machine. You will need Microsoft Windows Vista or later, running Microsoft Office 2007 or later.
  • Download and install the free version from the Office Timeline download page.
  • Open Microsoft PowerPoint and navigate to the Office Timeline tab.
  • Click New > Import from Wrike to create your first PowerPoint timeline or Gantt chart.

* Note: Premium features are available for free for 14 days. Purchase Office Timeline Plus edition after the trial period expires to continue using the timeline maker to showcase your project plans in Wrike!

See Office Timeline Support for any questions or help with the download.