Chances are, you’ve heard of Nickelodeon before — and if you’re lucky enough, you’ve explored the world of Nickelodeon in real life at places like Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park — American Dream and Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Riviera Maya. 

The Location-based Experiences Group at Nickelodeon has the incredible responsibility of developing fan-favorite characters and franchises into the attractions, rides, hotels, museums, and events you can visit in person. However, as a diverse, global business faced with growing workloads, increasing expectations, and the complexities of hybrid operations, the experiences team was eventually overwhelmed with their original way of working. Their days were filled with emails, meetings, and time-consuming processes that kept them from working on the important tasks that really mattered. 

The experiences team realized that they needed a powerful work management platform capable of supporting an Agile workflow, complete with an intuitive user interface and customizable processes that could be tailored to their unique way of working. They found this solution in Wrike — a single source of truth that would help them bring some of their biggest projects to life in a much more streamlined, efficient way. 

We recently took some time to chat with Jeff Hartlieb, Project Director, Nickelodeon Location-based Experiences, about his and his team’s experiences with Wrike. Take a look at what he had to say: 

  • How did you manage to reduce work complexity?
    “The most frustrating thing for our team before we found Wrike was dealing with complex work demands via email and sitting through endless meetings. Wrike provided a system for us that was simple, clean, and easy for everybody to use — which made our work much more efficient.”
  • Has Wrike helped make your lives easier during the digital transformation?
    “Wrike has really helped our work-life balance because we can access it on a laptop, work computer, or remotely on mobile devices. It allows collaboration to happen anytime that suits the person doing the work.”
  • What do your teams like about Wrike?
    “The creatives like Wrike because information comes in via request forms. All the things they need — whether it’s PDFs, Word documents, scripts — everything is in one place, and it makes it easier for them. It's like it's all wrapped up in a bow, and they don't have to work to find it.”
  • Could you describe your experience with Wrike in one sentence? 
    "If it's not in Wrike, it doesn't exist." 

Next time you high-five Boots at Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park — American Dream or sleep in the Pineapple Suite at Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Riviera Maya, know that Jeff’s team was behind it, ensuring everything was executed in Wrike so they could quickly and efficiently bring fun concepts into the real world. 

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