Searching for tasks, folders, and attachments in Wrike is already pretty easy: type in the keywords, use a few advanced operators to fine-tune the search, and filter the results to get exactly what you need. As you may know, recently we also added an ability to search for content within a specific date range, and here comes another improvement:

Now you can search for tasks that are assigned to or created by anyone from a particular user group.

Say you need info on the latest product releases within your company. You might want to look through all the blog posts that your Marketing team is currently writing, or you could check the progress of all tasks created by the Development group within the "This Year Releases" folder. Either way, you begin by searching for tasks assigned to or created by a certain user group.

Here's How:

In the search box, type your search term followed by "to:GroupName," or pick the group from the dropdown menu in the "Assigned to" filter.

We've implemented this new search filter to give you more options for finding the stuff you need quickly and easily. All the better for getting work done on time! Note: User groups are an Enterprise feature, therefore this update is applicable to Enterprise accounts only. 

All users can use our search commands to improve their searches. Refer to our help page for a full list of possible search command combos.