How easy is it to find answers in your organization? Content is fragmented across applications and even local machines of workers. A significant amount is unstructured, and not centrally accessible, trapped in email and direct IM messages.

  • 36% of a typical knowledge worker's day is spent looking for, and consolidating, information across systems.
  • 61% regularly use 4 or more systems each day; 15% using 11 or more systems regularly each day.

Source: IDC, The Knowledge Quotient: Unlocking the Hidden Value of Information, June, 2014

Is it faster to get answers from people, or content?

Today, Wrike introduces a new, integrated search to find and categorize work content, and connect with colleagues in Wrike faster.

Here's how it works:

Find Tasks, Projects & Folders, Request Forms*, Reports*, and Users in 1 Search

  • Search once to find all matching content and Wrike users.
  • Scan results easily in new, organized categories by content type.
  • Filter any list, project, or folder by a keyword using search.
  • Use quick commands to filter on exact text or comments only.
  • Find matching colleagues based on names, titles, groups, or locations.

Instantly Get Back to Recent Work

  • Get back to your most recent tasks: simply click the top search box.
  • Click on "More recent tasks" to view a longer list of recent items.
new integrated search & collaborate faster - show more recent tasks

Quickly Find and Contact Team Members

  • Search users by name, location, title, or user group.
  • View a user's profile for phone number or email address.
  • Use as a resource when meeting new colleagues or visiting new offices.
New search & collaborate faster -  Quickly Find and Contact Team Members

Act Faster: Organize, Assign, Schedule, Share

  • Filter any list, project, or folder on a keyword from the top right search box.
  • Copy a URL by hovering over a result and using the right mouse button.
  • Use new 7 or 30 Day filters to view upcoming work in a list.
  • Add filtered lists to a Dashboard using the upper 3 dot menu.
  • Use left-side checkboxes & right-side bar in lists to take action on multiple items.
  • Assign or change assignees, schedule dates, add or include items in a folder or project, or share content with others.
new integrated search & collaborate faster - mass action

1-Minute Quiz: What Are the Fastest Ways to Search in Wrike?

Test your knowledge - what are the fastest ways to do the following searches in Wrike?

Quiz: Fastest Ways to Search Wrike

*Reports and Request Forms are included in results for users of Business, Enterprise and Wrike for Marketer plans.

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