Creative teams, as well as other marketing department roles who frequently add images to tasks in Wrike via email, will be pleased with Wrike’s great new task management feature: the image viewer. This tool gives you a quick and nice-looking view of your images, screenshots and photographs in the task description

When you send an email to Wrike, Wrike elegantly converts it into a task. Thanks to the new image viewer, you can see neat thumbnails of all images that were inserted in that email (1) while browsing your tasks in Wrike (2).


You also can get full-size views of these images in a single click! To see the image in detail, you simply click on its preview to zoom in. The new viewer is really handy for working with several images that were added to a task description via email. In the image viewer, you can quickly switch between the images by simply hitting the arrows on your keyboard, 

play a slideshow (3) and drag images around the screen (4).

Many marketing and creative teams work with images on a daily basis in Wrike. With the new image viewer, there is no need for you to download tons of design mocks, screenshots and photographs to examine each of them. The full-size images are only one click away! Such a quick and convenient way to view images will help you save time and make your task management experience with Wrike even more enjoyable. You are welcome to try the feature today and share your thoughts and feelings with us!