If you've travelled to California, you know the Monterey Bay Aquarium is an environmental gem and crucial to the survival of our oceans. Their efforts have been fundamental in educating students and teachers about the importance of protecting our oceans and wildlife. 
We had a chance to sit down with the team at the Monterey Bay Aquarium to talk about how they're able to juggle so many programs, bringing in roughly 110,000 students, teachers, and adult chaperones every year. Check out our video for the full interview:

Prior to Wrike, their education programs and initiatives were all planned through Excel. Time was spent constantly going through and updating these spreadsheets and re-scheduling projects manually. With their new Center for Ocean Education and Leadership opening soon, the team knew they had to find a more efficient way to collaborate outside of Excel. 
Today, the Monterey Bay Aquarium team has the ability to store everything in Wrike and have visibility into all ongoing programs. With just one click, they can move and reschedule tasks without manually going into each one. 
Wrike has also helped them collaborate better. They can now tap into each other's workload, and either ask someone for help or jump in when someone is overloaded. "Collaboration has improved dramatically. Not because the people have changed — we've always wanted to help," says Katy Scott, Digital Learning Manager at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, "but now we have a tool that allows us to figure out how we can help each other better."
Want to learn more about how the Monterey Bay Aquarium is using Wrike? Check out the full case study here.
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