There are thousands of situations when you are not in the office and don’t have access to a computer with an Internet connection. But if you have your BlackBerry, Treo, other PDA phone, smart phone or any mobile device supporting e-mails, you can easily manage your projects in Wrike even if you are in a meeting or at the airport, waiting for your plane.

Instant information on your project progress
In Wrike, you manage and plan your projects via e-mail. You instantly get information on the progress of your projects. We’ll send you an e-mail notification if there are any changes in the details or status of a task made by your colleagues.

Create tasks in seconds
You can complement your getting things done with Wrike system by using a BlackBerry.
For example, a task pops up, and it can’t be completed in 2 minutes. You decide whether to delegate the task or defer it. Your next action is to put the task into Wrike in order to remember it and get it done. With a BlackBerry, you can create tasks in Wrike in seconds on the go:
• you e-mail the task directly to [email protected] and process it later;
• or delegate the task to your team, adding [email protected] to the CC field of your email.

So you can easily and effectively manage and create tasks anywhere with no need of a laptop computer.

Never forget anything
You’ll also get reminders of your overdue tasks on your BlackBerry, which is always with you, so you are sure to not miss or forget anything important. Wrike and BlackBerry (or another mobile device supporting e-mails) let you work and collaborate on your projects from wherever you are. You don’t have to install anything or browse your personal Webspace to always stay in the loop.