Those of you who have already checked out the beta of Wrike’s new version may have already noticed and tried using the new Activity Streamfeature. Wrike’s Activity Stream represents a built-in microblogging tool that allows everyone on the team to instantly share information and links, post information about their progress, report problems, and get solutions. In addition, Activity Stream displays all the team members’ recent actions in real time. You can see changes that your team members make to tasks and projects immediately. When your colleague reschedules a task, attaches a file or changes the task priority, the edits are specially marked in the Activity Stream. All the comments added to tasks are also displayed here. The result is a team productivity boost, better communications and tighter control across multiple projects and teams.

We decided to add this feature after extensive interviews with our customers, and we’re happy to see that the feature turns out to be everything they wanted. For example, here’s what one of our customers, Luther Cale, chief of marketing at HealthStream, says: “I like the built-in Activity Stream component a lot. We used to use Yammer for microblogging on our projects, but it wasn't really worth an extra app for just that functionality. But microblogging built into the online project management system makes more sense and is far more useful.”

What’s your opinion of the microblogging component in Wrike? We’re always happy to hear your feedback.