E-mail notifications about task changes instantly let you stay in the know, but sometimes there are just too many of them. It logically happens when you actively use Wrike with your team. Fortunately it means that your team benefits from Wrike’s collaborative nature in full measure. On the other hand… we are actively working in two directions to make your life easier.

1) Readability and usability
We are enhancing the readability and usability of Wrike’s e-mail notifications. We are making them more intelligent. They must to be as human as some of the e-mails from your peers.
A bright example:
Now, all notifications come from [email protected]. A lot of our users would like to simply press ‘reply’ in their e-mail software and be able to write a message directly to the person who changed the task, but not to the system. This feature is now live. So for any change notifications, which you will receive starting next week, feel free to press “Reply”.

2) Configurability of the system
We are also working on making the notification system more intelligent and configurable. We want you to be able to manage which notifications you do receive and which ones you don’t.