One of the best ways to organize your project effectively is to interconnect the tasks with the project goals. Thanks to this, tasks become meaningful for your team, people become more motivated and thus you get things done faster.

For example, if you manage an online ad campaign, you can create top folders named after your goals: increase  CTR, increase traffic, increase conversion rate.

If you often create tasks via e-mail, it will be more convenient to name folders with shorter titles and describe exact goals in the folder details. Thus you get an important advantage: you can specify goals with numbers, such as: “Increase conversion rate from 5% to 20%.”

Similarly, you can organize your tasks by the project milestones:

In both cases,

your tasks will include concrete steps to achieve the goals or the milestones. For example, these tasks can be: “try different landing page,” “specify keywords,” "create text ad for the new keywords," etc.

As you can see, Wrike is very flexible. You can organize your plans conveniently and easy.
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