The last number of years will be remembered as the period that completely transformed how we work. The traditional and enduring work practices that characterized the previous century have changed, and many will argue, have changed for the better. 

Companies have realized that employees can be just as productive working from anywhere and workers are enjoying the flexibility of remote work. Now, as restrictions ease and businesses begin to plan for the future, it’s clear that the landscape of work has changed: 

A dramatic overhaul of how we work post-pandemic is forthcoming. It requires significant shifts in mindset for workers everywhere, but even more so for employers, managers, and HR teams. 

This guide takes a holistic view of the hybrid work model, from high-level definitions to the nitty-gritty of creating hybrid work policies. Our guide to hybrid work will demystify some of the challenges, benefits, and trends associated with creating a hybrid workplace. We’ll also look at how businesses can manage and equip hybrid workers with the tools they need to be productive in this new era of work. 

We’ll also offer practical resources and solutions for reworking existing policies to facilitate a hybrid work model, managing hybrid teams, maintaining company culture, and even setting up workspaces at home and in the office.

The eBook covers:

  • A guide to hybrid work and why it’s the future of the workplace 
  • The benefits and challenges of a hybrid work model
  • Practical advice on how to enact a hybrid policy

“Building Flexible Workplaces: A Definitive Guide to Hybrid Work” is for managers, team leads, business leaders, executives, and HR teams of any industry and company size looking to formalize a hybrid work policy for their organization.

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