As you know, you can always influence Wrike development by voting for the new features that you find particularly helpful to your productivity. But what if you could not only vote, but also evaluate features that are important to you before their official release? Now it’s easy to do with the help of our new interactive platform – Wrike Labs. It’s open for everyone who’s eager to take part in the experimentation process. Let’s take a quick look at it! Wrike Labs is a testing ground for new features that are in beta. Here you’ll get an exclusive sneak peek at what our usability and engineering teams are currently working on. What’s more, you can try out any of these features and impact their future. It is effortless to use – simply log in with your Wrike credentials and choose the features from the list you’d like to see in action right now. (When you enable a feature in Wrike Labs it turns it on for you only - not all users in your entire account.)  Then go to your workspace and be the first to enjoy them :). Hearing your feedback is the main idea of the new platform, so please feel free to leave your comments right on the same page! As we already mentioned, all features in Wrike Labs are in beta, so don’t be surprised if something may crash, change, or even disappear. Things can go differently from what we expected, and the experimenters’ life is always full of surprises! You can easily disable the new features in your workspace by unticking the corresponding boxes. If you want to regularly check up on the most recent achievements of Wrike’s engineers, don’t forget to sign up for a special newsletter with the updates.