It's another Friday of yet another week, and this week, I've decided it's time to get "weird." You may be thinking, "But why?" Well, we discovered this week that being weird is actually a plus for you — especially if it means you're forging a path others have not yet trod. And especially if it means you're creating a life you want to live. Welcome to this week's weird, yet inspirational, edition of the Work Management Roundup !

Wake Up and Get Off the "Someday Island" (Entrepreneur): Matt Mayberry talks about how achievers aren't postponing doing the things they love "someday," they're creating their own circumstances in life right now. So if you're not happy with your work, career, or life in general, change it!

7 Things I Did To Reboot My Life ( If you need inspiration on changing your life, take a cue from actor/celebrity Wil Wheaton whose essay details both the thoughts and the process behind his personal pivot.

Why Being Weird is Your Best Creative Trait (Medium): Ever have moments at work where you're suddenly sharing TMI? That may be a good thing. Because that impulse to share irrelevant information is the same impulse that won't filter out the creative breakthrough ideas. Excellent read on why weirdness is being cultivated and how to embrace your inner weirdo.

How the Internet Of Things is Changing Work (Fast Company): Sure, the Internet of Things will connect millions of gadgets around the home and the office. But how will this impact actual human beings doing human jobs?

3 Tips for Future-proofing Your Digital Career (BusinessesGrow): Alongside IoT, self-driving cars, and automation in many work systems, how do you ensure you won't lose your job to a robot in the near future? By emphasizing the human element.

Pump Up the Jams and Feel Powerful (Kellogg Insight): Here's something that athletes have known for a long time: the right "high-power" playlist can help you construe information better and help you take initiative. In short, the right background music empowers you to be productive. And yes, this is backed by research.

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