We love getting ideas from our users on how we can improve Wrike project management software. This helps us adjust our development roadmap to your needs and deliver the most popular requested project management features first.

Recently, our customers who manage big projects have asked about the ability to apply various filters when exporting their tasks from Wrike to Excel. We’ve made that happen, and starting today, you can export task lists, narrowed down by specific criteria, from anywhere within your workspace.

For instance, if you have some typical tasks that sometimes repeat, you might want to create a template for them. You can find these tasks by using the appropriate search criteria (1). Then, after you click on the Export button and choose Excel (2), Wrike will ask you whether you want to export all tasks or only the filtered list. Choose the second option (3), and that’s it – you get an .xls spreadsheet with the tasks you need to use as a template in the future. Obviously, this is just one example of the feature’s implementation, and we hope it will be helpful for you and your team, too!