When it comes to turning a project into a success story, sometimes team leaders want someone or something to turn to and say "Tell me what to do." Consider David Newman your go-to guy. His book, Do It! Marketing: 77 Instant-Action Ideas to Boost Sales, Maximize Profits, and Crush Your Competition, lays out exactly which steps marketers must take. Learn more about these strategies in this book review.

Summary and Book Review of Do It! Marketing

With so many avenues for marketing, deciding which route to take is daunting, especially for small businesses. Should you make a social media page for your business? Is an email blast the best move? Those questions and more are answered within the pages of Newman's Do It! Marketing. The book works on the idea that decisive action is necessary to achieve results, and it gives readers the appropriate steps in the right direction. According to the book's website, its tips are perfect for those aiming to become thought-leader experts and seeking the most efficient path to success.

As one of the best marketing books around, Do It! Marketing leaves no topic untouched. In it, you'll learn how to become the go-to expert in your organization, gain confidence as a sales-focused marketer, use social media to its maximum potential, garner enthusiastic advocates, and achieve the greatest return on investment with marketing activities — and that's just the tip of the iceberg for our book review. The book contains 77 instant actions, giving you a complete marketing playbook that can help take your small business to the top. Plus, Newman provides a 21-day marketing launch plan to apply those skills you learned.

And you don't even need to read the entire book to get results. Pick a topic from this book review or from the table of contents, and reading just that topic will help you hone in on a specific skill.

The book is a quick and entertaining read to boot. Small Business Trends writer Taylor McDonald, who got a chance to interview David Newman on the phone, says the author's humor comes through quite clearly in his written work.

Key Takeaways from Do It! Marketing

While all 77 marketing points are beneficial for small business growth, these are the few that stand out:

  • Referrals require strategy: A survey from Small Business Trends and Verizon found that 85% of small-business customers come from word-of-mouth referrals. According to Do It! Marketing, it's not enough to let your consumers do the talking. Marketing strategies must be made with the expectation that those referrals will do some digging before becoming customers. Entrepreneurs should update their websites, make sure their LinkedIn profiles send the right message and post regularly on social media.
  • Your calendar is everything: Schedule your time like you'd budget your income — make it detailed and stick to it. You might even schedule time for creativity breaks, like setting aside a few minutes to read this book review. According to David Newman, you should look at your calendar more than your email or any other web page. When deciding what to add to your calendar, Entrepreneur advised assigning a time frame for anything that contributes to success.
  • Reach business objectives with 3PR: 3PR stands for Personalized Professional Public Relations, and harnessing its power allows small businesses to meet objectives like new lead generation and management development. Of the campaign's three pillars, speaking is the most important, followed by social media and writing. Verbal presentations are key to gaining prospects.
  • Know the most effective social media scripts: Social media is not the be-all and end-all of marketing, but it can be extremely beneficial for a small business. Using it correctly requires knowing how to say things in the most effective way. For instance, when adding someone on LinkedIn, you might say "I'd like to put my professional network on LinkedIn at your disposal" to put the focus on the other person. With Facebook, don't just add a mutual friend, send a personal message about connecting.

If you're reading to take action, picking up a copy of David Newman's Do It! Marketing will give you 77 ways to revamp your marketing strategy.

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