Today, we offer a new, handy feature on Wrike’s Gantt chart. Now you can create a task on the timeline with one mouse gesture! Advanced Web technologies (AJAX) allowed us to implement this feature and improve your experience with Wrike. Adding tasks to the timeline became as easy as creating dependencies and rescheduling plans.

How it works
Switch to the “Timeline” tab. Choose the day when your task is planned to start, click on any empty line in the timeline, hold the mouse button and pull your mouse to the right. Once the task bar reaches the day when the task is planned to be finished, release the mouse button. A dialog window, where you can quickly enter the task name and assign the task, will appear. Enter the data and click on the “Create task” button.

Then, if you want to add a task description, attachments, priority and other properties, move the mouse pointer over the task bar and click on the “Edit task” link in the pop-up tooltip. You can also find the task in the list mode and edit it there.

See a video of this feature in action:

As you see, it takes just a couple of seconds to add a task to the plan. It takes no effort to notify a person about the new task assignment because Wrike does it for you. It is very convenient to monitor tasks in Wrike with the help of instant e-mail notifications and a daily digest of changes. Viva la productivity!