Another month has gone by, and with it, a ton of new updates to Wrike that we don’t want you to miss. In this post, we wanted to call out one particular update that was the most requested feature from Wrike Community

Our Wrike users wanted the ability to convert tasks to projects and vice versa, and now you can! 

This new update will come in very handy if you first created a task and populated it with lots of data, and then realized that it’s more complex and needs to become a project — you can now convert it easily! As our Community Lead Lisa Bogdanova put it: 

“This release is a huge milestone for Wrike, our Product team, and, of course, our Community, which means you! We are truly grateful for your feedback and support of this feature; we couldn’t have done it without you!”

How to convert Wrike tasks to projects

product screenshot of Wrike interface showing how to convert tasks to projects

It’s simple! Just use the Change item type option, which you can find in the three-dot menu of any item. 

When you click on Change item type, you’ll create a new item in the original item’s location, with the data copied over. Your original item will be automatically moved to the Recycle bin. You won’t lose any data when you make this change, so custom field data, subitems, status, dependencies, and any other data will be moved into your new item. 

Here’s one more important note: once you convert an item from task-based to project-based, you won’t be able to change it back — but you can recover the original item from the Recycle bin if you need to. 

For detailed instructions on how to convert tasks into projects, you can visit this thorough article, complete with screenshots of the various steps. 

Eager to learn more? Here’s a video roundup of our other product updates from April:

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