I am excited to announce that Wrike has agreed to join the Citrix family to create the next frontier in the digital workplace revolution. This partnership could not happen at a better time, given the market shifts in 2020, the much-anticipated transition to the "Next Normal," and the exponential growth in the demand for work management solutions.

Why Citrix?

The Citrix mission is to empower people to do their very best work. Wrike’s mission is to help you do the best work of your life. Sound similar? When the missions align, the stars truly align, and there can’t be a better match of the minds. That is why I am extremely thrilled to be embarking upon this journey with Citrix. We are two companies committed to defining the best future for work, and we will make great strides working as one.

Better together

Being a part of Citrix will enable us to accelerate our mission. Together, Wrike and Citrix will build the workplace of the future to empower employees to achieve their best. Citrix delivers a frictionless experience for employees through unified, secure access to work resources. Wrike brings teams, data, and applications together in a digital platform. By combining the power of a unified workspace infrastructure and collaborative work management, organizations can accelerate business results by enabling employees to focus on the work that matters the most.

A market shift

2020 has permanently changed the way we work, and the office as we know it will never be the same. With large-scale remote working and the shift to digital, organizations are facing the pressure to keep employees productive and engaged. This has led to quantum leaps in digital transformation initiatives.

Further, organizations are concerned with employee burnout and digital fatigue. To succeed in this environment it is critical to enable employees with the tools they need to be productive wherever they are and whatever the context. We will bring more than a decade of innovation in this space to help the industry ease into the next normal.

Unified workspace infrastructure + CWM = The workplace of the future

With pioneer investments in AI technologies by Wrike, this is a marriage of innovative leadership that delivers the vision of intelligence and automation needed to build the workplace of the future. Over the last several years both companies have innovated feverishly to drive digital innovation.

A leader in multiple categories of workplace technologies, Citrix offers end-to-end offerings to enable and empower the modern workforce. By joining hands with Wrike, Citrix will now be able to offer a complete solution that optimizes productivity across all aspects of work.

Win-win for our customers

As we step forward in this new phase of our journey I am extremely grateful to our customers who have helped us get here and supported us all along. This is exciting news for our customers for many reasons.

First, as part of the Citrix family, we will be able to scale our product and accelerate our roadmap to deliver capabilities that will help our customers get more from their Wrike investment. We have always listened to our customers and have built our product based on their feedback - now we will be able to do more of that, faster.

Second, we will now be able to empower and partner with IT departments by enabling cross-functional workflows, connecting with the systems across the organization and becoming the single digital workspace. Wrike has established a strong customer base with business users, and Citrix has built deep relationships with IT customers, enabling us to bring two ecosystems together. As the market moves toward the connected enterprise, the time is ripe for a partnership like this to enable the vision for hybrid workspace. The joint solution brings incredible value to both business users and their IT departments that support this new hybrid ecosystem.

The path forward

This partnership also brings exciting possibilities for the market at large.

More than a decade ago, we saw a huge opportunity in the Project Management space. We wanted to take an innovation that was largely restricted to a few mature practitioners within the organization, and unlock its potential for every single employee whether they were technical or business users. In this endeavor, we created the Collaborative Work Management category that changed the face of work for all types of users across every department and use case.

Last year, as we navigated our customers through the transition to remote work, Wrike became the core part or digital workplace. As one of our customers very eloquently put it, “Wrike is our new office.”

Now we are seeing an even more powerful opportunity to take the enterprise to the next level by connecting and automating workflows to create an intelligent digital workspace.

This next step in our journey is a very promising one for the entire Wrike ecosystem, one made possible through the commitment of our employees, the support of our customers, and the conviction of our investors. We are proud of the advancements made in collaboration with our most recent investor, Vista Equity Partners, who enabled us to accelerate our growth and innovation to advance Wrike’s mission and prepare us for this new chapter. Now, by partnering with Citrix, we want to expand the value of collaborative work management from thousands of organizations to hundreds of thousands.

Today, CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, and CHROs are grappling with the second wave of transitions coming up in 2021, and I hear a lot about the hybrid workspace. 2020 was not easy but helped us validate that collaborative work management is indeed the backbone of the future of work, whether that’s in-office, remote, or a mix of the two. As we embark into 2021, we are ready to help the market navigate this next transition and unlock the workspace of the future to hundreds of millions of users.

Looking forward to the next wave of innovations as part of the Citrix family.