The COVID-19 pandemic has created unique challenges for businesses around the world and across industries. Offices closed, priorities shifted, and remote working has soared. As we’ve made our own internal adjustments to these changes, the Wrike team has remained focused on supporting the 20,000 global organizations and 2 million users who rely on our software to stay afloat and collaborate on work. 

Wrike developed a new Business Continuity Template, which offers a roadmap for maintaining operations during times of change. We created a COVID-19 Resources page to help our customers stay updated. Plus, through Wrike Relief, we offered free project management for relief organizations and workers who put forth tireless effort to save lives.

To continue giving back to our customers and our community during this time, Wrike is a proud partner in the Online Startup and Innovation Awards as well as raising funds for Foodbank Victoria.

Sponsoring the Online Startup and Innovation Awards

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an outpouring of creative solutions and inspiring collaborations, on both a local and a global scale. Presented by YBF Ventures, the Online Startup and Innovation Awards seek to shine a light on the remarkable startups, scaleups, and global leaders who are innovating, collaborating, and striving towards positive solutions during the pandemic-induced crisis.

As a proud partner of this event, Wrike will offer a free six-month Business subscription to one winner. The award categories are:

  • Best COVID-19 Impact
  • Best Launch/IPO/Capital Raise During a Crisis
  • Best Collaboration During a Crisis
  • Best Global Leader During a Crisis
  • Best AgriTech/FoodTech Project, Product, or Pivot
  • Best AI/ML Project, Product, or Pivot
  • Best BioTech/MedTech Project, Product, or Pivot
  • Best Cybersecurity Project, Product, or Pivot
  • Best FinTech Project, Product, or Pivot
  • Best LegalTech Project, Product, or Pivot
  • Best PropTech Project, Product, or Pivot

Please share the Online Startup and Innovation Awards with any individual or enterprise you believe deserves recognition. Submit nominations or applications by August 21, and look for winners to be announced on September 16 at a special online ceremony event. 

Raising $15,000 AUD for Foodbank Victoria

Five of Melbourne’s largest tech and innovation-focused companies have joined forces to fundraise for Foodbank Victoria, an independent not-for-profit that provides food relief to individuals and families facing hardship.

Foodbank Victoria is the Australian state’s oldest and largest food relief organization with over 80 years’ experience and feeds more than 140,000 people on average, every month.

COVID-19 has caused severe economic challenges across the state. Many are out of work due to closures and food insecurity is increasing exponentially, even among Victorians who have never needed help before.

Fintan Lalor, Wrike’s APAC Regional Manager said, “Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting so many lives. Eliminating hunger is especially urgent during these extremely challenging times. Wrike is proud to partner with Foodbank Victoria and support the local community.”

The fundraiser’s initial goal is $15,000 AUD by August 31. For every $1 donated, two meals are created for Victorians in need. Lucidchart will be matching any donations up to $1,000. Lander & Rogers have pledged $2,500. Wrike, Podium, and YBF Ventures have pledged $1,000 towards the goal.

Please help us reach our goal and donate today.

While many aspects of the future remain uncertain, it’s clear that fostering collaboration across teams and communities is more important than ever. As Wrike continues to develop products and services that best fit the evolving needs of our customers, we’re also committed to supporting our local communities’ needs by recognizing those making significant contributions and fundraising for impactful causes.