On March 25 we kicked off a series of "How-to" webinars designed to spotlight Wrike's individual features and help you become a productivity powerhouse. To start, we tackled a hot topic among Wrikers: using the Dashboard to organize tasks and personalize your virtual workspace.

Your Wrike Dashboard is like the instrument panel of an airplane, giving you a comprehensive overview of your tasks. It was designed to streamline your workspace, so you can focus on what you want to get done.

The Dashboard comes pre-loaded with five default widgets that are useful for all types of work habits, and taking full advantage of them boosts your productivity. On top of that, custom widgets let you decide what is the most important work to keep front and center. Our “How to Become a Task-Organization Ninja with the Dashboard” webinar uncovers the tips and tricks for making the most of both types of widgets.

In the recorded webinar, Wrike-expert Joy will help you:

  • learn the secrets of productive workspace organization,
  • apply best practices citing case studies and research statistics,
  • use default widgets to keep your task list organized, transparent, and accessible,
  • create custom widgets tailored to your needs or chosen project management strategy, and
  • follow a 5-step action plan to maximize your dashboard's usefulness.

The recent webinar was a great success, attracting 1,000 attendants! Take a look at what people are saying:

"I just wanted to send you a note about how great the Dashboard webinar was. My group considers me a 'power user' of Wrike, but I got a lot of really great information and new tricks that I’ve already started putting into use." — Saralyn Smith Program Manager; Brandman University

"Joy used real-life scenarios to illustrate how to customize the dashboard. This translated to fitting mine to the projects I'm working on. It's already helping me quickly work through the most important issues on my plate." — Karen Jackson Project Analyst; Mercy Corps

"It was an excellent presentation; very helpful. The presenter was terrific, very knowledgeable, and presented with a steady flow and reemphasized in the right places." — Lawrence P. Rugar Vice President, Corporate Risk Management; Spectrum Retirement Communities, LLC

If you're kicking yourself for missing out, don't worry, we've got your back. Now you can watch the webinar recording whenever you’d like.

After you’ve watched the video you can download (and share!) this handy PDF guide with key takeaways.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our future how-to webinars! Possible upcoming topics include: generating custom statuses, creating project templates, and selectively sharing folders and tasks. What would you like to see covered? Leave a comment and let us know!