Summer vacations and long weekends are a welcome break, but poor planning can put your deadlines in danger unexpectedly. Fortunately, Wrike's Custom Calendars and Workload view help you plan ahead to distribute the workload amongst your team and keep your projects on track. Don't let the summer sun melt your productivity! See Your Team's Vacations in Project Schedules Keeping everyone's vacation schedules in the same place where you manage the rest of your work ensures you won't be blindsided by a colleague's day off. Wrike's Custom Calendars are a powerful Enterprise feature that helps you track people's vacations, sick leaves, and extra working days for more accurate planning. As an added bonus, it'll also simplify your HR department's payroll process. Make a habit of adding your team's vacations to Calendars by asking everyone to update their schedules right after their PTO is approved. On top of individual schedules, you can also add public or company-wide holidays to your Calendar for more accurate project planning. Balancing the Workload Once the team's vacations are logged in your Calendar, the Workload view will notify you when you assign a task to someone who is scheduled to be out of the office. Their days off will be grayed out on the timeline, and the task duration will be spread out over their working days. The Workload view allows you to quickly spot tasks or deadlines that might be affected by an upcoming vacation and redistribute work across your team so they're still done on time. Also keep an eye on areas highlighted in orange, indicating people who have more than two overlapping tasks assigned to them. Too many assignments increases the chance of missed deadlines, so consider rescheduling or reassigning work to ensure it's done on time. Avoid the Summer Lull and Keep Your Projects on Track We hope that these tips will help you meet your project deadlines and still have time to make the most of sunny days!