You commented, and we noticed! Over the past couple of weeks, we've posted photos of awkward collaboration moments on social media and asked you to fill in the captions. We went through all the submissions and selected the funniest, most outlandish, and cleverest captions for each photo. Congrats to all the winners!

Photo #1 

"Hello there, I'm looking for... Curious George."
Winner: @L10fitness (Instagram)

Photo #2 

"Today at the office, we're discussing... the dangers of having washing machines in the workplace."
Winner: Senen M. A. Antonio (Facebook)
man in door 

Photo #3 

"Celebrating... National Thinking Cap Day!"
Winner: Josh Madrid (LinkedIn)

Photo #4

"You can never have enough... prescription eyewear."
Winner: latinothunda (Instagram)

Photo #5

"Times flies when you're... weight-ing."
Winner: @Graffanino (Twitter)

What Your Wit Wins You

Winners will receive a free Wrike t-shirt. We will get in touch with you via the social media you used to send your caption. 

Think You Have Cleverer Captions? 

Meanwhile, if you feel like you could come up with funnier captions, we challenge you to post it in the comments below!