Wrike’s project management software works in any popular web browser, be it Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari. But just as the engine from a Fiat can slow down a Ferrari, the older versions of these browsers rob Wrike of its natural power. That’s why, in case you prefer Internet Explorer, we recommend you use IE version 9 or higher. And the same goes for the other browsers – the newer, the better! You’ll notice how much faster Wrike and your other favorite online apps become and how much more enjoyable it is to work with them. 
Some of our customers find Google Chrome the most comfortable option for using Wrike. “I knew from prior communications with the Customer Care team that Wrike performed well in Google Chrome, but I simply had no idea how much faster it is. I never thought to try a different browser. Now I know it makes a huge difference,” says Tom Day from CBIA, a long-standing Wrike customer. In case you don’t want to permanently switch to Google Chrome, but still want use some of its benefits, try out its
plug-in for Internet Explorer.

So update your browser to the latest version and don’t deny yourself Wrike’s full productivity power!