Despite the global quest for work-life balance, many people still regularly work over the weekend and don't use all of their vacation days. This in turn causes them to be overwhelmed, overworked and laboring in overtime...

If you dream about a 25th hour in the day to be fully productive and dedicate some time for yourself, we've got something for you. Since having an extra hour in the day is still impossible, we decided to give you some tips on how to work smarter. Here's an infographic with tips for saving heaps of time so you can spend more time in leisure!

1. Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. In other words, immediately deal with tasks that take less than 2 minutes to complete. Are you sure all such tasks from your backlog in Wrike are done?

2. Business before pleasure. At work, try to fight off tempting distractions like Facebook. Spend working time productively and use your weekend for the fun, not work! To boost your productivity, choose a professional system. And with Wrike, professional doesn't mean boring! Wrike is as easy and attractive as using your familiar social networks.

3. It's not the hours you put in, but rather what you put into these hours. So tackle the most important and urgent tasks first. Timely prioritization of your tasks in Wrike will let you and your team always keep the focus on the highest-priority tasks. Use project time tracking in Excel or directly in Wrike to see where your time could be better spent.

4. When scheduling a project, remember to leave contingency time to deal with the unexpected. This way you can ensure you'll be on time and fulfill your commitments. If you need to reschedule a task or the entire project, it's as easy as a mouse motion in Wrike.

5. Is multitasking productive? The latest research shows that doing several things at once lowers your IQ score by 10 points! So actually devoting all of your attention and effort to one concrete task is much more cost-efficient, as it saves you time otherwise wasted on switching between different activities.

6. Single-handed success doesn't exist. Divide your tasks into small, actionable items and then delegate them to achieve more together with your team. In Wrike, it's a snap to assign multiple tasks, if needed. You can even do it right from your e-mail inbox.

7. Spare your mind for creative work, letting a reliable and easily accessible system remember all the tasks for you. Wrike helps to handle thousands of tasks and dozens of routine jobs, like sending reminders about due dates and notifications about the plan changes to your team.