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Wrike Prague was established in 2019 and is now a base for over 350 employees. The office is newly built and located in the Dock center in Palmovka. There are a number of departments in the Prague office, including Marketing, Sales, Customer Support, and Engineering. The office is multicultural and international, with colleagues from all around the world.

<p>Wrike Prague</p>
<h5>Cafeteria (Benefit plus) 40,000 CZK annual&nbsp;budget</h5>
Cafeteria (Benefit plus) 40,000 CZK annual budget
<h5>„Lítačka“ transportation annual coupon reimbursement</h5>
„Lítačka“ transportation annual coupon reimbursement
<h5>Private healthcare membership (Canadian&nbsp;Medical)</h5>
Private healthcare membership (Canadian Medical)
<h5>Meal vouchers 220 CZK/working day</h5>
Meal vouchers 220 CZK/working day
<h5>Pension plan</h5>
Pension plan
<h5>Mobile tariffs</h5>
Mobile tariffs
<h5>Life insurance plan</h5>
Life insurance plan
<h5>Multisport card</h5>
Multisport card
<h5>Sick leave compensation</h5>
Sick leave compensation
<h5>Parental leave</h5>
Parental leave
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"At Wrike, we cherish and respect diversity. When we speak about our culture, it’s about our behavior. Everyone is welcome to be their true self. It’s expressed in the way we communicate, how we behave, how we help others, and how we learn from each other. That’s what makes you a Wriker."

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<h5>Read our experts' articles</h5>
Read our experts' articles
<h5>Meet us online and offline</h5>
Meet us online and offline

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<p>Build the Wrike world with us</p>
<p>Build the Wrike world with us</p>