A lot of our customers deal with remote collaboration, and their experience shows that, even if peers are separated by miles and time zones, with Wrike project management software they can smoothly collaborate and get things done together just as efficiently as if they were sitting in the same office. We have designed Wrike so that it connects people and their work from all corners of the world into one friendly and easy-to-navigate work hub.  "The way the data automatically flows into Wrike's workspace keeps us all organized because we always know where to find the info that we need, and I don't need to spend time and effort on communicating the plan updates to the team members," comments Maciej Janiec, CEO at inlevel, who successfully manages a virtual team of more than 20 people with Wrike's help.

It's impossible to underestimate the importance and scope of remote collaboration. We hope that day-by-day, more teams will be able to elegantly handle the challenges of virtual collaboration with the help of Wrike's social project management features, just like inlevel does.

Is virtual collaboration a common thing for your company? Do you have your own special tips for handling the challenges of working in distributed teams? We'd be happy to hear about your experience.