Every organization deals with enterprise service management uniquely, but the problems encountered are usually quite similar. On a day-to-day basis, service teams – from HR to IT to finance – are often: 

  • Manually juggling repetitive tasks 
  • Unable to streamline and organize multiple requests 
  • Struggling to manage ongoing change and optimization

Sound familiar? Fortunately, you're not alone or without help — Wrike’s latest Service Management template is designed to enable companies to quickly and cost-effectively establish any service team on a secure, robust, and scalable platform. And by allowing service teams to work as one with other departments in a single source of truth, companies see huge productivity gains through simplified workflows and increased visibility without the need to spend on specialized technologies that are complex, expensive, and difficult to ramp up.

This is especially important for SMBs, which face challenges with security, budget, and cross-functional work. As their business scales, they will need a solution that can grow with them rather than taking on the time-consuming task of seeking out multiple other solutions to meet new demands. We’re bringing all work onto one platform.

Great service management starts here 

Wrike’s latest template introduces consolidated request management processes that reduce manual and mundane work via automation, streamlined requests, and knowledge base management. It's the simplest and most effective way to establish the single source of truth your service management teams need to achieve great productivity and exceptional work management. 

Powerful, versatile, no-code tools like those provided by our IT service management template put everyday workers and citizen developers in control of their workflows so that they can spend less time on busywork and more on the projects that matter. 

Consolidate request and service management 

Streamline work and consolidate request and service management processes with request forms that are easily customizable and configurable to fit your organization’s unique workflow and needs. 

Unlock advanced project visibility 

Comprehensive, accessible dashboards provide a bird's-eye view of all the work your service management teams are involved in. Effortlessly monitor task progress, status updates, incidents, new service requests, and more. Also, view and categorize service tickets based on custom item types — such as description, location, or a specific team.

Empower teams to succeed 

Don't leave your organization in the dark — this service management plan template provides service teams with the tools to enable self-service and build a cross-departmental knowledge base. Workers can easily access information through organized knowledge articles, reducing the overall number of help tickets and queries. Articles can also easily be built and tracked through defined workflows and tools within the template. 

Service management excellence 

Service teams represent the backbone of workplace operations — it’s essential that they have everything they need to effectively deliver their services and break down silos and barriers between teams. Wrike continues to meet growing service needs and empowers both technical and non-technical teams alike to do better work. 

Another recent example is Wrike's new email communication functionality with non-Wrike users. This feature moves communications with non-Wrike users, like external email exchanges, directly into Wrike. It reduces overall SaaS sprawl and removes barriers to visibility and better workflow, adding even more power and utility to the Service Management Template. 

Check out for yourself today how much easier it is to streamline, consolidate, and optimize your IT service management workflows. Wrike users on the Business, Enterprise, and Pinnacle plans can get started with the Service Management Template here